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Alarm / Deluge Valve
UL Deluge Valve-Flange Type

Introduction: Bsdv-50-Flange type deluge valve, equipped on foam fire fighting device of the fixed wet pipe, constitutes of several foam heads and sprinklers. In case of fire, the deluge valve starts operating by the pressure change as a result of perceptive sprinkler breakage. This then send out the foam-water mixture to all the emit area.The product has been approved by UL standard. UL List No. EX5111.

Usage location:

Applicable for the open type sprinkler, fog, and foam system controller. In case of fire, the deluge valve can be start up by electronic magnetism valve, breakage of perceptive sprinkler or manually push the lever in the emit area to start up the deluge valve. It can cooperate with alarm valve and telecom signal to get a better understanding of the fire location.


Installation and maintenance guide:

1. Start up the devise manually after installation. Turn on the water supply slowly. To prevent loss of pressure, make sure there is no air remain in the pipe.

2. As the flow became steady, close the manual switch until the water is drain off.

3. By equipping pressure gauge, it’s easier to check and maintain the devise.


UL Deluge Valve-Flange Type

Connection Type

Flange Type



Max. Working Pressure

14 kgf/cm2

Testing Pressure

25 kgf/cm2

Working Pressure Range

1.5~14 kgf/cm2

Loss pressure tube length

14.9 m (48.9 ft)


13 kgs

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