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10 fire safety measures

10 fire safety measures
In order to help staffs and leaders of the units to raise their sense of responsibility in fire prevention and fighting, we would like to introduce 10 fire and explosion safety measures issued by the Fire Prevention and Fighting Police Department TP. Can Tho issued.
1 - When leaving the work room or unoccupied, disconnect all the electrical plugs from the electrical outlet. Do not use a power outlet that shares many devices at the same time.
2. The dwelling houses must be arranged with electric systems, cooking stoves, places of worship, ensuring the safety of inflammables and explosives, distant from sources of fire, heat sources, preparation of conditions and means for firefighting. Fire or explosion occur.
3 - When welding, cutting, processing metal frame iron in the house, warehouse, ... containing flammable substances must be shielded or relocated to safe place, then to be sold welding.
4 - When using the gas stove, operating equipment, gas, steam ... must comply with the technical process.
5 - Do not illegally extract gas by manual methods and use old, rusted gas tanks that are not safe for gas storage.
6. Not producing, storing, transporting, using or trading in substances or goods with fire and / or explosion dangers without permission of the competent fire prevention and fighting agencies.
7 - In the event of a gas leak, quick access to the gas tank lock should be ensured. Do not open any electrical appliances, including lighters, and open all doors. Let the gas fly out.
8 - Constructing projects and works which are fire and explosion-prone without having been approved for fire prevention and fighting, commissioning and putting into use without having received the certificate of eligibility Fire safety and fire safety.
9 - Do not dismantle fire brigades that have been built on both sides of the road.
10- In the event of a fire incident, quickly call the police fire and fire department number 114.

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